Accelerate The Ultrasound Learning Process With CAE Vimedix 3.1


A completely new software update, CAE Vimedix 3.1 provides flexibility for remote learning while your simulation lab is distancing or closed. With a library of more than 200 pathologies, we offer new capabilities for virtual lectures with quick lesson building, complementary ICCU e-learning, and interactive, hands-on practice with a remote manikin and ultrasound probes.

Accelerating the development of essential psychomotor and cognitive skills for ultrasound probe handling, image interpretation, diagnoses, and clinical decision-making through furthermost offerings.

1. Integration with video conferencing platforms, simplified visual capture for virtual curriculum, and remote learner scanning experiences.

2. Offline resources available directly within CAE Vimedix to access and review the principles of ultrasound.

3. Re-designed instructional content for better curriculum integration and user flexibility.

4. Toggle between cardiac, pulmonary, abdominal, and Ob/Gyn modalities with ease for a comprehensive ultrasound learning experience.

5. With a range of instructional content such as Target Cut Planes, students tailor their user experiences for optimal learning.

6. Integrated performance metrics allow faculty to track students’ progress over time.

7. The only ultrasound simulator to offer volumetric scanning in real-time with detailed views of the normal heart and advanced pathologies.

8. Through immersive training with the Microsoft HoloLens 2, anatomy and structures leap to life to accelerate learning and retention.

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