Limitless Learning

CAE Healthcare has integrated Microsoft HoloLens, the first holographic computer that allows you to freely move and interact with your environment, into our portfolio of healthcare simulation solutions.

  • Medtronic Micra training solution

    Adding to its physics-driven simulator for the Medtronic Micra™ Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS), the world’s smallest pacemaker, CAE Healthcare delivered an augmented reality training solution for up to 11 simultaneous learners on its Microsoft HoloLens platform.  They are able to practice while viewing interactive holograms of a 3D beating heart into which the Micra delivery system is visible and connected in real-time. ​
  • LucinaAR childbirth simulator

    LucinaAR is the first childbirth simulator to offer real-time, interactive 3D holograms of anatomy as well as responsive mother-baby physiology. The virtual instructor provides visual cues and feedback that prepare clinical teams to safely manage a shoulder dystocia delivery. Learners can elevate the holograms and walk around the simulator to gain an understanding of anatomical structures.
  • Abiomed Impella procedural training solution

    We are integrating augmented reality into our simulation-based training platform that allows physicians to practice ultrasound-guided placement of the world’s smallest heart pump. Overlaying the ultrasound manikin, probe and instruments, our HoloLens framework will depict physiological responses and potential complications to help clinicians quickly master and deploy the device without risk to patients.
  • VimedixAR ultrasound simulator

    Freed from its two-dimensional environment inside a monitor, our Vimedix ultrasound simulator leaps to life, displaying anatomy you can enlarge, turn, rotate or command to return into its manikin body to view how its structures are interrelated. Witness in real time how the ultrasound beam cuts through the human anatomy. ​
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