Since we know parents want the best for their children, CAE Healthcare delivers the best in pediatric simulation. With PediaSIM, users benefit from validated physiology and exceptional features, allowing them to gain advanced skills and competency in pediatric care. CAE Healthcare's PediaSIM is a realistic reproduction of a six-year-old child that provides advanced pediatric simulation training so healthcare providers can perform at their best in pediatric critical care.



Providing two platforms with first PediaSIM HPS for anesthesia, respiratory and clinical care, and the other PediaSIM ECS, designed for medicine, nursing and health sciences, to gain advanced skills and competency in the full spectrum of pediatric care


PediaSIM has an advanced airway management system for realistic practice in nasal/oral intubation and transjet ventilation. PediaSIM HPS supports advanced airway management, mechanical ventilation, and oxygen therapy which can be monitored using actual clinical equipment for even more realism in training.


The PediaSIM patient manikin supports a wide range of realistic, clinical interventions that enable learners to practice the high demands of children's healthcare in a risk-free training environment


Operating PediaSIM is simple and intuitive with the standard Müse interface and menu of Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) which can be preset easily, so an instructor can focus more time on teaching

"The physiology of the pediatric simulator plays a definitive part in the students’ assimilation of the physiological changes in order for them to critically think in providing the care needed for their pediatric client.”
Joy Thomason, RN, MSN
Assistant Professor, Union University School of Nursing


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Realistic modeling of a six-year-old patient
Advanced airway management capability
Accommodates gastric distention with esophageal intubation
Measures presence or absence of carbon dioxide exhalation
CPR metrics with rate of compressions reflected in physiological feedback rather than virtual target on instructor’s workstation
Realistic cardiac, breathing, bowel and vocal sounds 
Pharmacology system models automatically calculate pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for 56 intravenous and inhaled medications

Müse accurately mimics medical conditions and responds automatically to clinical interventions

Powered by Müse with Physiological Modeling

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Powered by Müse with Physiological Modeling

With integrated physiology that is based on validated models of cardiovascular, respiratory and pharmacological systems, Müse accurately mimics medical conditions and responds automatically to clinical interventions. That means your learners get a consistent, objective learning experience every time until they master the skills necessary to save a human life. All patient simulators come with the Müse software platform.

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